Star's Notes

*STAR'S NOTES/MODULES: Great Content notes for Body System Lessons, Flashcards, and Teaching Tricks to Increase Learning!
Creativity makes Learning Long Lasting!

Why reinvent the wheel if you are a new teacher? OR If you are veteran teacher, re-new your spirit and love of teaching by trying some fun new ways to teach that same material.

Which ever category you fall into, we can all feel overwhelmed by the demands of our jobs (especially with all the testing going on!). These modules have been created to help you save time, have fun teaching, and be successful with your students.

Twenty plus years of CONTENT NOTES that stream line what is the most important for students to learn from all that is offered. TEACHING TIPS, FLASHCARDS, and FUN ACTIVITIES are available in each of these modules.

These modules are great to use with your smart boards or other teaching technology. Have a great time watching your students' 'light bulbs' turn on as their understanding of this material increases...and they have fun learning!

These notes have plenty of room on each page with each topic in order for you to add new teaching tricks of your own, more or less detail to that topic, or labs/activities. Have fun!

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Coming Soon!

Module VIII Digestive System & Hepatic/Pancreatic Major Functions & Relationships

Module IX Renal/Urinary Relationship and Major Functions & Overview of Respiratory System

Module X Reproductive System (a safe way to teach most student's favorite topic!)