Module II, Part B Skeletal & Joints

Module II, Part B Skeletal & Joints
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I. Functions pgs 4- 5

II. Classifications of bone tissue pgs 5-7

III. Classification of bone shapes pgs 8-10

IV. Methods of Learning the Bones of the Skeleton pgs 10-55 (includes flashcards)

V. Articulations pgs 56-70 (includes flashcards)

VI. Ossification Processes pgs 71-76

VII. Fractures & Healing pgs 71-81


Saddle Joint: Yee Haw!

1. Have students curl their fingers up, stretch out their palm, and do thumbs up with their right hand.

2. Tell students to make a peace sign with their left hand. Have them turn their peace sign over and straddle their right hand. Their left hand is the ‘cowboy/cowgirl’ and their right hand is the saddle!

I know it is corny! It works! The thumb is the only saddle joint in the body.

3. Have students examine the thumbs range of motion! It has a tremendous range and because it opposes the other digits, it allows us to grip things. (This cool structure also separates primates from all the other animals!)