Cardiovascular System: Part B Blood devilvery & Tissue Feeding, Meeting WBC's, and Understanding Clotting

Module VI, Part B The Blood
Module VI, Part B The Blood
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This module helps students to understand the components of blood by learning the role they play in the body. Instead of just learning a blood cell or fluid movement, students can associate the blood component to the job it plays in keeping the body alive and balanced. This long awaited module contains the 'Hickey to Poop' story. As educators, we always want to make hickeys romantic as it applies to the death of millions of RBC's! Hahaha!! The 'pancake demonstration' is also included so that students can visualize how capillaries feed tissues and understand the different types of burns. Lots of flashcards for study skills and great tricks to make this subject more fun to teach and learn! Have a great time with this module!!

Table of Contents:

I. Blood: "The Fluid that Brings Life to Each Cell" (Hickey to Poop story!) pgs 4-20

II. Blood Vessels & Tissue Feeding: "The Tubing that Keeps Life Moving Through the Body" (Pancake Demonstration & BV flashcards) pgs 20-65

III. WBC's or Leukocytes: "The Cells in Charge of Protecting You" (includes WBC flashcards) pgs 66-77

IV. Thrombocytes (Platelets): "Our Job is to Clog" pgs 78-80

V. Hemostasis: "Tools to Prevent Blood Loss" pgs 81-85

VI. Thrombosis & Blood Transfusions: pgs 86-92