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I'll grab them and put them here so that other teachers know it is worth taking the chance to try these lessons with their students! We are a family and we are all here to help students learn and enjoy learning!


"I had explained cell division,.using Starla Ewan material.... We talked about placenta. I just asked the kids to bring in a food replica of placenta.... Everyone was different. But they really showed that they got it... they understood the importance of rich healthy placenta for the nutritional needs of the growing baby.. It was interesting to listen to them explain it.. I did not set parameters.. I wanted to see what they thought... I loved this one... We used Starla Ewan video I purchased at GATFACS Her material is amazing. We covered what happens before most people even know they are pregnant. And how every thing that a "Mommy" takes in has an impact on the development... We talked about the importance of folate...what spina bifada is.... y kids modeled the neural plate.... we looked a the heart and the brain development and how every major system is formed by 28 days from conception. I highly recommend Starla Ewan material. I am going to purchase her unit on digestion”.

Jackie B.E. Family and Consumer Science, Georgia _______________________________________________


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Hands-On Body System workshop at Reg. VIII last month. (Most workshops are boring and a waste of time, to be honest.)

I ordered some of your modules, and I am currently using the nervous system module in my anatomy class. It is wonderful. It gives such a unique way to make things "click" with my students. I've always thought teaching the nervous system was hard, but I really love the way you have broken it down.

Thanks so much for the hard work that you have put into your materials."

Patrice G., R.N. New Boston High School, TX



This is my 15Th year of teaching and I was suffering from a little burnout and wondering if I would make it to 30 years. Haha Attending your workshops in Salt Lake City last summer and in Raleigh in October have seriously rejuvenated me! So many times I go to teaching workshops and think "yea, yea, whatever... this stuff would never work for me!" Your workshops are totally different though!! I am not quite as fun and animated as you, but our teaching and discipline styles are very similar so the concepts you teach have worked very well for me this year. I'm excited to use even more of them next year!!

Thank you so much!! I hope you have a great summer!!"

Jim D., East High School, Salt Lake City, Utah


"Starla, I am teaching the nervous system in Physiology and am adding your innovative ideas to my present curriculum. Yesterday, I quickly made up a keynote presentation so that we could draw the motor and sensory homunculus.

The students really enjoyed the activity and it was a great break and brain friendly.

We have also used the flash cards with the brains and I have heard favorable comments about this also. Thanks for sharing your ideas!!!!!"

Mary J. Science Grand Island Senior High


"Thank you Starla! I have used many of your tips and feel more ready to start the year as a first year teacher!"

Chandra G. Texas Tech University Project REAL Currently teaching in her first year! Go Chandra!!


"I have tried your methods this week and have alot of success with them. Thank you so much! This is my 15th year to teach and I really believe one is never too old to learn.

I have gone home each night this week not nearly as tired as I used to be. Can I give your name to our co-op here as someone who would be interested in giving a workshop this summer? I believe any teacher can benefit from your methods."

Catherine S. Arkansas: Civics & World History Teacher ________________________________________________

Cally L., who uses these notes, is sharing this feedback with all who visit this site:

"Starla's Teaching Notes are ALMOST (not quite but almost) as good as seeing Starla in action!!!"



I just wanted you to know that I LOVE the Muscle Module. I think it is my favorite so far. The kids are having a blast with this unit. Thank you for all the hard work you do (it takes a load off me)!!

Thanks again,

Holly Bird

As a young new teacher, I wanted to establish a clear professional boundary between myself and my students. However, I didn't even know where to begin! Your first year teacher's tips really saved the day. You included things that now seem like common sense (like dressing professionally and using a seating chart instead of verbally taking role); but I know that I would not have thought about all of the details ahead of time. I would not have had such a smooth transition into the classroom without your tips!

Thank you for talking about discipline in the classroom. Instead of focusing on disciplinary action after something has happened, you give a system that I can use to actually prevent problems from arising. This allows me to have a positive and safe classroom environment that all students appreciate. The way you address not "pushing students' buttons." This is an area I had no experience with as a new teacher and probably would have caused some drama in my classroom without your help. But, with the tips guidance, I have learned to recognize students who are upset about something and can actively diffuse potential problems before they arise.

When I sat down to write lesson plans for A&P, I felt overwhelmed. I had 3 college A&P books but didn't know where to begin. Your modules were a lifesaver! Every topic I deemed important was already in the modules. I love having pictures that I can draw on the board for my students to see. Including interesting facts and information kept my students thinking and engaged. The modules give me quality information to present to my class, but they also allow me to use my preparation time on more productive things like creating a lab to go along with my lesson or researching a pathological condition that I wouldn't have had the time for without the modules.

Thanks for all that you do, I would be lost right now without all of your help! :)

Kristy Dawson
Whiteface Independent School District, Whiteface, TX


Your note packets have been extremely useful to me this school year. I consider myself an "experienced" teacher- but I have learned so much about presenting this information to my students. Learning is so much more fun for me as well as my students. Thank you! I can't wait until the next packet is available.


Shelia Ringuet
Lafayette, LA

"The modules are a clear and concise tool. They are easy to understand and are full of helpful hints that I can actually use in the classroom."

Monique I. Kauai,


I look forward to hearing when more of your modules are ready. You make the learning of this material a lot easier. I can't wait until next year when I will have all the lessons.

You are a great teacher and you really know how to present the material to the students well.

Sandy Reinhart
Bascom, OH


Thank you so much! I love all your stuff! I have a student teacher observing in my classroom for the next month or so. She will be teaching about joints on Friday. I showed her your joint notes so that she could follow them. She absolutely LOVES them!

Thank you so much for everything.

Holly Bird
Health Science Technology, Alamogordo, NM