Lymph & Immune Systems: "Working Together to make all Systems Safe!"

Lymph & Immune Systems: "Working Together to make all Systems Safe!"
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This module is terrific in helping students understand how amazing, yet simple, the structures and functions of the lymph system! It gives a better account of the areas of a lymph node and how each area functions in the immune response. Most textbooks leave us scratching our heads after we read about the lymph nodes...and the immune system.

These systems are amazing how they communicate and work together to keep us healthy. Students will truly understand and appreciate what occcurs inside their body and how these cells and structures work to protect us without the brain telling them what to do! Deepak Chopra describes them as the 'Floating Brain'.

This module also builds on the each WBC's function and role in the immune system. Module VI: B introduced their structure and basic funtions, now in this module, we see how they perform, individually and together, to keep us safe. Students can learn about the WBC's use of their deadly 'weapons' and when they are used to protect us 24/7!

Inside this module:

I. Lymph System: "The Unsung Hero of the Body!" Pg. 4-15

II. The Immune System: "I am Your Army!" ....... Pg. 15-32

III.Breakdown of the Immune System ............. Pg. 32-37

IV. Student Activity: 'NOT Wanted Poster'....... Pg. 37-41

Have a fun and successful time with these systems!

Also, you can incorporate the activities found in the Hands-On Body Systems: 'Construction of the Lymph System and Building Your Army of WBC's!'. Click on Hands-On Body Systems and add more activities to these lessons!