Purchase Orders & Download Tips

Are you shy about downloading or using a Purchase Order? Here are some easy steps to walk you through the entire process!


1. From the home page - click on StarNotes

2. From the list of modules - click on Mod I (in blue at bottom of page)

3. This will take you to a preview of Mod I - click on order at the bottom of page

4. The shopping cart should appear - click on checkout

5. Fill in credit card information and click continue

6. You will receive a confirmation and the download button on the right side of the page. Hit the download button and the notes will be downloaded directly on to your hard drive. There will be a download button for each module you have ordered. You can print out a copy of your order when you are ready.

Sometimes when you click on the download button, it will ask you if you want to OPEN and give you a list of programs to select to open this file with. You always want to select the ADOBE READER. Hit open, you computer may now ask you to save...LOOK at how it is listed and change the file name so that you will recognize the file...like Mod I, or Intro to A & P, whatever helps you find your file. Select where you want to save (My documents, etc) and save it! You are done!

7. You will also receive a confirmation email from the web site.

If you have dial-up service some of the modules will take some time to download. Please don't panic when downloading - you have 5 attempts within 30 days to compete the download.

If you have any problems, please email us for help!

Remember, in order to open the modules once you have downloaded, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. You can download this free reader at http://www.adobe.com. We have linked this at the bottom of the page for you. :)

8. If you did not download right away, no worries. You have 30 days to download your modules. Just open your confirmation email, use the credit card number that you ordered with as your 'code' (it will not re-order). Your order will open up. Just click on the download button(s) to receive your modules. Happy Teaching!



Even though downloading is the quickest, cheapest, and a simple way to get these great notes and tips, some of you may want to use a purchase order from your school district.

Use the web site for prices: For modules only: add $15 for S & H. If you are ordering Facial Anatomy Kits, add $5.50/kit for S & H. You may send your PO in by using any of these three methods:

1) Send your PO as an attachment with your email to sewan15@yahoo.com.

2) Mail your Purchase Order to: Starla's Creative Teaching Tips, PO Box 6751, Lubbock, TX, 79493.

Please email me at sewan15@yahoo.com if your accounting office needs vendor information and approval.

Whether you mail or email your order in, I will get your order out within the week. Happy Teaching! :)