Module V, Endocrine System

Module V, Endocrine System
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"The chemical messengers that rule our lives!"

I. Introduction to the Endocrine System 4-8

II. Hormones: The 'chemical messengers'! How they work and talk to cells! ........... pg 9-20

III. Endocrine Glands & the Hormones they release: (Included flashcards * section quizzes) .... pg 21-86

The endocrine module contains great examples for students to understand the 'personality' of how hormones work. The endocrine system no longer needs to intimidate students. They can now organize these powerful messengers and have fun learning how each hormone affects their life!

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Nervous System vs. Endocrine System: Time of message delivery

The nervous system is much like a phone call. We dial in the number (which is the 'receptor' for who we want to talk to) and we get to deliver our message instantly to the person.

The endocrine system is much like using the post office ('snail mail' as it is referred to in this day). I will mail a letter to 'Julie Thompson' (Teachers..pick the name of a student in class...this makes the example more apart of their world.) and in order to get this letter to her, I must place her address on the envelope. The address is now the 'receptor' for her house. I place the letter into the 'circulation' of all letters in the area. Her 'address' helps the postal office find her house in a couple of days to deliver the message.

Now...much like the postal office's options of priority and express mail, the endocrine system can also speed up delivery of certain messages based on importance.

The nervous system uses direct wiring (neurons) to communicate to the tissue and the endocrine system uses chemical messengers (hormones) that use the blood circulation to deliver their instructions.