Module VI, Part A The Heart

Module VI, Part A The Heart
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This is a wonderful module that helps students to learn the heart and appreciate how the heart functions by using their hands to act out blood pressure, heart sounds, electrical node system, EKG, and cardiac output. Students will love how this module organizes structure and function for each heart activity. Have a great time teaching with this module!

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction to the Heart: Pg 4-15

II. Blood flow of the Pulmonary & Systemic Loop Pg 16-42 (Includes flashcards and quiz!)

III. Blood Pressure Pg 43-53

IV. Valves of the Heart & Heart Sounds Pg 54-65

V. Coronary Circulation Pg 66-85 (flashcards!)

VI. Electrical System of the Heart Pg 85-92

VII. ECG also known as an EKG Pg 93-99

VIII.Cardiac Cycle Pg 99-114