Module I Orientation to the Body & Cell Structure and Function

Module I Orientation to the Body & Cell Structure and Function
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The Cell Structure and Main Functions: These notes contain great diagrams to use on the board or to complement a textbook. Simplified concepts and teaching/learning activities make these notes fun to use!

Basic Cell Structures and flashcards pgs 3-8

I. Cell Membrane Structure pgs 9-13

II. Membrane Transport pgs 14-27

III. Cell Cycle pgs 28-49

IV. Protein Synthesis pgs. 50-59

V. Glycoproteins & Cell Junctions pgs 51-62


I. Cell Membrane Structure and Function:

Understanding the cell membrane requires us to look at the personality of fats.

Fats have a glycerol HEAD that is water loving(hydrophilic= hydro (water) and -philic (loving or likes)

Fats also have fatty acid TAILS that are water haters (hydrophobic= hydro (water) and -phobic (hater or fearful)

This molecule is known as a triglyceride because it has three tails. To understand the personality of fats, let's look at a glass with water and oil. I mean let us REALLY LOOK at the relationship that is going on BETWEEN the oil and water.

Pretend to place some 'special' glasses over your eyes that would give you superior vision and allow you to see the molecules.

Do you see how the fats stand on their 'heads' so that the hydrophilic heads can be next to the water (which is also hydrophilic...think about it...water loves itself!)?

Do you see how the hydrophobic tails move away from the water?

Do you see how the hydrophobic tails line up together and the hydrophilic heads line up together? Likes attract Likes!


Introduction to Body Systems: ‘Terms & Body Themes’

Terms & Organization of the Body pgs 3-5

Survival Needs of the Cell/Body pgs 5-12

Regional Terms & Flashcards pgs 12-17

Directional Terms pgs 18-27

Serous Membrane pg 28

Homeostatic Imbalances pgs 29-30

Planes of the Body pgs 31-33


Medial vs. Lateral: Medial refers to a location or movement towards the midline of the body. Lateral refers to a location or movement away from the midline. A lot of times, these two are in relationship to one another. I.e. The bellybutton is medial to the hip.

Activity to learn these terms:

1) Place your arms straight out in front of you and place your palms together. If we were to fold your body in half, you would end up with a right and a left half mirror image of each side of the body. The fold down the middle is known as the Mid-Sagittal plane or the midline.

2) Holding you palms together out in front, slowly move your hands away from the midline. Moving away from the midline is known as Lateral.

3) Now, move your hands towards each other. Moving your hands towards the midline is known as Medial.

4) Repeat this process of lateral and medial movement with your hands (let your palms hit). As you move think away is Lateral and towards is Medial.

5) Continue this movement and get faster and faster! Yea! You got it! Way to give your self a hand! (Yes…clapping is a lateral and medial movement). Just having fun with you!