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1st Year Teaching Tips
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Brachial Plexus & Upper Extremity
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Cardiovascular & Respiratory Part 1: Heart and Arteries
Cardiovascular and Repiratory Part 2: Pancake Lesson to show Tissue Feeding
Cardiovascular and Respiratory Part 3: Veins and Lung Building
Case Studies: Application of Pathology to Body Systems
Classroom Strategies
Clay Replacement Set for Facial Anatomy Kit
Craniosacral Anatomy & Massage
Embryology: Cell to Systems
Face, Hands and Feet
Female Reproductive System
Gastrointestinal Part 1: Upper GI
Gastrointestinal Part 2: Lower GI
Handling the Challenging Student! (a.k.a. "The T.U.R.D.)
Hands-On Body System ACTIVITY: Cow Meat Cuts
Hands-On Body System's ACTIVITY: Movement & Communication!
Hands-On Body System's ACTIVITY: Step-by-Step Construction of the Lymph System & Building Your Army of WBC's!
Hands-On Body System's ACTIVITY: Step-by-Step Facial Anatomy
Hands-On Body Systems ACTIVITY: Cardiovascular and Respiratory
Hands-On Body Systems ACTIVITY: Cow and Horse Gastrointestinal Systems
Hands-On Body Systems ACTIVITY: Gastrointestinal System
Hands-On Body Systems ACTIVITY: Heart Construction with Bypass Graft (C.A.B.G.)
Hands-On Body Systems ACTIVITY: Upper Body Power Muscles for Sports Medicine, Anatomy, & HST
Hands-On Body Systems Gastrointestinal Clay Kit
Hands-On Body Systems: DIAGRAMS for HOBS ACTIVITIES Modules
Hands-On Body Systems: Facial Anatomy Kit for Forensics
Hands-On Body Systems: Cow and Horse GI Clay Kit
Hands-On Body Systems: Facial Anatomy Kits
Hands-On Body Systems: Meat Cuts Clay Kit
HOBS #17 clay tool
HOBS #5 clay tool
HOBS Cardiovascular and Respiratory Clay Kit
HOBS Heart Construction and Bypass Clay Kit
HOBS Lymph & WBC's Clay Kit
HOBS Movement & Communication Clay Set
HOBS Power Muscles of the Upper Body Clay Kit
Large Student Phone Docks
Lesson Plan
Lower Extremity Workshop
Lymph & Immune Systems: "Working Together to make all Systems Safe!"
Male Reproductive System
Module I Orientation to the Body & Cell Structure and Function
Module II, Part A Tissues
Module II, Part B Skeletal & Joints
Module III, Muscles and Movement
Module IV, Part A Nervous System
Module IV, Part B Neurophysiology & Support Cells
Module V, Endocrine System
Module VI, Part A The Heart
Module VI, Part B The Blood
Movement & Communication Part 1: Deep Muscles
Movement & Communication Part 2: Brain and Spinal Cord
Movement & Communication Part 3: Connection the PNS to the CNS
Movement & Communication Part 4: Spinal Nerves and Plexus
Movement and Communication Part 5: Heart and Arteries
Movement and Communication Part 6: Veins
Movement and Communication Part 7: Superficial Muscles and Veins
Note Taking
Phone Docks
Power Muscles of the Hip, Knee, and Ankle Activity
Power Muscles of the Hip, Knee, and Ankle Clay Kit
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