*Hands on Body Systems VIDEO LESSONS

*Hands on Body Systems VIDEO LESSONS
Hands-On Body Systems Video Lessons

These New Products will be posted by July 7!! They are supplemental videos to go along with the Hands-On Body Systems Activities.

So many of you have asked for some video support to go along with the Hands-On Body System Activities...well, here is the first set for you! :)

These videos were created to go along with the Hands-On Body Systems Activity that guides you through the details of the lesson step-by-step. I have added in some new building tricks since I've publishing the written modules.

These videos also show you have to blend the content from the Star's Notes Modules with the Hands-On Body System Activities. Each video will list what part of the HOBS module covered and the Star's Notes Module content used.

The first set of videos go along with the Hands-On Body System: Movement & Communication

Most of the modules are very large, such as this one, so the video is broken up into parts for two reasons: One, it will be small enough for you to master the teaching methods for that specific part of the activity and blend the content with it. Second, you may only want a specific video/part of this activity to help you.

Of course, the best training is in a workshop where we go through the activity sequence together. It is my hope that these videos will help guide you to success either before you can come to a workshop or even help remind you how to blend these lessons after you have taken a workshop. We do cover a lot of material and sometimes, a little review helps us all cover the details we may have forgotten. :)

Hope you enjoy and mostly, hope this extra resource guides you to be even more successful with your students and these amazing activities/lessons!