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Starla A. Ewan, M.S.

Starla is in her 31st year of teaching and brings a rich background of experience ranging from coaching, athletic training, all levels of Biology, college instruction of Anatomy, and years of on-site medical observation. She has been presenting successful teaching methods with teachers during conferences and staff development workshops for over 15 years.

She currently teaches at Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center in Lubbock, Texas in their Health Science Program. She teaches a high level of Anatomy and Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Medical Microbiology to students all across the district.

Her teaching experience includes Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Microbiology, Pathophysiology, AP Biology, Pre-AP Biology, and standard Biology.

The success of Starla's teaching strategies and increased student understanding of difficult material through the use of hands-on activities and teaching tricks has led her to share with teachers, massage therapists, and medical personnel nationwide.

Starla also works with new year teacher mentorship programs to facilitate a successful transition into the teaching profession and staff developments for campus faculty to coordinate a successful and consistent learning environment for students.

If you would like to contact Starla about lessons from the modules or to arrange for her to conduct a dynamic workshop for your school or conference, just email her at or call her at 806-787-6018.

Your instructors will love the time spent in a workshop that gives them fun and successful lessons to take back to the classroom.

Massage therapists and medical personnel will love the application of these lessons to their healing practice.