Hands-On Body Systems Diagrams

Hands-On Body Systems:  DIAGRAMS for HOBS ACTIVITIES Modules
Hands-On Body Systems: DIAGRAMS for HOBS ACTIVITIES Modules
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Product Description

These eight diagrams are used in my Hands-On Body Systems workshops.

For those instructors who received these teaching techniques for guiding students through lessons including directional terms, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine systems, detailed heart and respiratory structures, lymph and immune, renal, hepatic and gastrointestinal systems, these diagrams are now ready for you to use.

Also, remember that these diagrams can be used for activities on how to apply pathology and a student research activity of ‘Case Studies’ to the hands-on lessons.

You can also select one body system and isolate that system for a specific lesson(s).

Many of the Hands-On Body Systems lessons and activities are located on this web site page. You will be successful with the experience of using these step-by-step activities, even if you have not attended one of my workshops. Have fun and feel free to share your and your students' success on my Facebook page (Starla's Creative Teaching Tips).

These diagrams can be copied and have a hard lamination (#5 or #10)for your students to use, or you can do a soft lamination and attach them to a white board or cardboard for support.

Have the student(s) place their name(s) on their diagram (and of course, name their diagram) so that they have ownership of their work.

Store your student work in Banker's boxes (each student has their own spot). These boxes can stack 3 to 4 high and save space in your classroom and protect student work!

Remember how powerful these lesson are and enjoy the success of your students not only learning the system and its functions, but also, the interrelationship that systems share.

These are great way to teach and are affordable in these times of great budget cuts. States may cut our funding but these lesson find a way around those cuts!

Have fun and I wish you wonderful success! Starla