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Great way to positively control cell phones in the classroom. This strong case comes with the Velcro strip to anchor to the right or left side corner of the desk.

Class begins with students 'Loading and Locking' (pull the case off the Velcro, open the case, and place their cell phone face down in the case, and snap the case shut, return to the Velcro strip to anchor the phone)and then begin the academic task directed to them from the board.

Students seem at ease being able to see their cell phone, yet keeps them from using the phone without your permission. If the phone rings or makes a noise notification, so be it. It is safe in the phone dock.

Students can ask to take their phone out of the dock to use in the class under your direction. To open the dock, they have to unlock the case by removing the dock from the Velcro, push in the side to unlock the case, remove the phone. Once the phone has been used for classroom purposes only, the phone is placed back into the dock.

This method allows students to use their cell phones for classroom purposes only, protects them from having their phone knocked off the desk, eliminates them from 'sneaking' to use their cell phone, and helps you and the student to know that their phone is safe.

The price includes the dock, Velcro strip, and shipping & handling.