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Making away time profitable for your students!

It takes more than just good lesson plans for your students and your substitute to have a successful time while you are away from the classroom. Try these tips that will help you to relax when away and teach your students to keep on learning without you being there.

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Student trips are for planting dreams! Move the classroom out into the 'real' world. Create an enriched learning experience that stimulates students to think about a new career or see how the information from a classroom is used in the world. These tips help you organize, insure safety, and help students to represent themselves and their program to a high standard.


II. Student Trips

Take students out of the classroom to apply information and plant dreams! The world, including competitions, can be a big classroom!

There is so much responsibility and preparation when taking students on a trip, especially an over night trip. I can't possibly begin to tell you have many trips I've been on over twenty plus years of coaching, HOSA competitions, academic competitions, and vet. Science Sea World Career Camps. Enough trips to fill a couple of shopping bags with pictures and great memories. Is all the hard work and the responsibility worth it...yes! Absolutely!

I take the responsibility of taking some one else's child with me one of the greatest an educator can place on their shoulders. I'm very thorough and very strict, but not to the point where fun and learning do not take place. Feel free to change some of these tips and procedures to match school district policy and your own teaching style. I will warn you that it is better to cover all your bases than to just...hope for the best and leave windows of opportunity for disaster to take place. You want your trip safe, successful, and fun. Once you've done these steps of preparation a few times, you and your students will be thankful for the organization.