Anatomy Review Workshop of the Leg: June 5, 2010

Lower Extremity Workshop
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Product Description

The Anatomy Review Workshop for the Lower Extremity provides a hands-on way to learn, review, and apply the anatomy of the lumbar and sacral plexus.

Participants will create muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and lymph. The intra-relationship of each of these systems will be demonstrated through movement and application to medical practice and healing will be provided.

Massage therapist will receive 7 CEU hours!

Along with these acitvites, you will receive instruction and apply massage techniques that apply to the structures that you built.

Your instructor for this workshop are:

Starla Ewan, M.S. Nationally known Anatomy Instructor who uses unique 'hands-on' learning techniques. You will love this approach to learning and reviewing anatomy.

CEU's provided by Maureen Sewell, owner and operator of Body Logic: Massage Therapy & Instructional Center:

Maureen Sewell, LMT, CR, MTI, CEUP Successful massage therapist and a high energy instructor. Maureen specializes in rehab and improving the long term quality of life for her clients.

To take this great workshop:

1. You can order on line and you will automatically be enrolled in the class. Just click the order button at the bottom of the page and follow the check out procedures. This site is secure and safe.

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Advanced Anatomy Review: Lower Extremity

Massage Therapists! 7 hours of CEU’s for you! Even if you do not need CEU hours, this workshop will provide you a great way to learn, review, and apply Anatomy to your practice! Location of Workshop:

Instructors: Starla A. Ewan travels the nation teaching hands-on Anatomy for teachers and medical personel. You will love all that you learn and how to see the body by 'hands-on' learning and movement! Finally…she is presenting workshops in this area! Don’t miss out!

Maureen Sewll, LMT, CR, MTI, CEUP : Maureen’s many years of running a successful massage therapy buiness and her high ernergy instruction has made her an excellent instructor for her field.

Cut and send in: Registration Form: Advanced Anatomy Review: Lower Extremity

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Payment: $175 ($125 is a non-refundable deposit if you cancel in advanced) Failure to notify of your absence causes you to forfeit total payment.

Make payments (check or money order) to: Starla’s Creative Teaching Tips / Send form and payment to: Advanced Anatomy Reviews, PO Box 93304, Lubbock, TX 79493

You will receive a confirmation number and recite. (Checks must clear before your seat in the workshop is confirmed.) _________________________________________________________

The final way to register:

3. Sign up at Body Logic: Message Therapy & Instructional Center, 3335 70th, Lubbock, 79413. (Across the street from Orlando's on the south side.)

This workshop begins Saturday at 8:30. Feel free to arrive at 8-ish to set up and get comfortable. We will end our day of instruction around 4:30.

Bring your camera and get ready to enjoy one of the best workshops you've ever taken!

Feel free to email me at for directions or more information. Feel free to call me at 806-787-6018 or Maureen at 806-239-6203.