Hands-On Body Systems Lymph & WBC's Clay Kit

HOBS Lymph & WBC's Clay Kit
HOBS Lymph & WBC's Clay Kit
Item# HOBSimmuneclaykit

Product Description

A set of six colors (white, ivory, green, magenta, red, and brown/terra cotta), cut and packaged, ready to hand to a student. This set of clay is will be enough clay for one student to go completely through the Lymph Construction and Building of WBC's Hands-On Body System Activity.

This clay does not dry out and can be reused over and over through the 'Funeral Day' (review take down) process, clay will need to be replaced over time.

There is no minimum order requirements. You can order one set up to what ever amount you need for your students.

Shipping and Handling prices are included in the price of the clay set.

Keep up the great job and continue to have a wonderful time watching your students learn by building!