Hands-On Body System's Activity: Heart Construction with Bypass

Hands-On Body Systems ACTIVITY: Heart Construction with Bypass Graft (C.A.B.G.)
Hands-On Body Systems ACTIVITY: Heart Construction with Bypass Graft (C.A.B.G.)
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Product Description

This module empowers students with body system lessons that are proven to increase student learning and application of material, help make difficult content easier to learn, and can be immediately implemented into medical skills and terminology…and they are affordable!

This module contains many fun & successful teaching tricks by having students build the major components of the heart anatomy, coronary arteries, cardiac veins, pulmonary blood vessels, and vena cavas. Students can 'see' how the structures of the heart determine its function within the circulatory loop it belongs. Textbooks show these structures in a two denominational pictures and students miss too much of how amazing this organ really is. This activity puts your students ahead and is a great prep for heart dissection and/or heart physiology.

This activity provides the opportunity to discuss the diagnostic procedure of an angiogram, the effectiveness of angioplasty and the use of stints. Students will build a Coronary Arterial Bypass Graft onto their clay hearts.

Great windows for more pathology application can added along with the examination of life style effects on cardiac health (nutrition and exercise).

Students will love learning through this activity and will gain confidence in their ability to apply knowledge to heart anatomy, the three circulatory loops, diagnostic procedures, cardiac treatment, effects of nutrition, and what type of exercise benefits the cardiovascular system.

This module contains time frame, lesson plans, supply list, classroom organization, step-by-step building instructions with pictures.

The following is a list of the table of contents:

Lesson planning, Supplies, & Clay Technique.......pg. 3-7

I. Heart Construction.........pg. 8-15

II. Coronary Circulation.......pg.16-34

III. Venous Return to the Rt. Atrium.......pg.35-37

IV. Pulmonary Vessels..........pg.37-41

V. Aorta feeds the body!......pg. 41-43

VI. Coronary Arterial Bypass Graft.......pg.44-50

Grading and Honoring Your Students’ Work.......pg. 51

(This Activity goes very well with the Star's Notes Module VIA: Heart. The Star's Notes Heart Module provides the content notes, helping students locate their heart, flashcards for the blood flow & coronary arteries, etc.)