Hands-On Body System's ACTIVITY: Step-by-Step Facial Anatomy

Hands-On Body System's ACTIVITY: Step-by-Step Facial Anatomy
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Product Description

Facial Anatomy for Dental/Cosmetology/Anatomy/Forensics Instruction:

This 71 page module gives instructors hands-on step-by-step teaching techniques and lessons that cover the skeletal, muscular, neural (including the eye), construction of a clay tooth, and vascular facial components that relate to the application of dental procedures and cosmetology curriculum. Anatomy & Forensics instructors will love this lesson also!

These great lessons help make difficult material easier to understand and increase student learning, retention of material, and execution of skills.

Easy to follow lesson guide and instructs students to see how the facial structures relate to one another. Just print and teach! You can add skills and pathology along the way!

Any skull or model can be used with this lesson, even though The Facial Anatomy Kits were created to go along with this module and are affordable for any program.

Have an awesome time having your students really enjoy content that used to be dry and boring!