Hands-On Body Systems: Gastrointestinal System

Hands-On Body Systems ACTIVITY: Gastrointestinal System
Hands-On Body Systems ACTIVITY: Gastrointestinal System

Product Description

This module empowers students with body system lessons that are proven to increase student learning and application of material, help make difficult content easier to learn, and can be immediately implemented into medical skills and terminology…and they are affordable!

This module contains many fun & successful teaching tricks by having students build the digestive and accessory organs of the Gastrointestinal System. Students can 'see' the inter-relationship of these organs with each other as they build them on their flat board. Many times textbooks only show the organs in a two-dimensional view, this activity puts your students ahead when they build these organs and show how they 'fit' together in the abdominalpelvic cavity. Great windows for pathology application can also be used doing this activity.

Students will love learning through this activity and will gain confidence in their ability to apply knowledge to this major body system.

This module contains time frame, lesson plans, supply list, classroom organization, step-by-step building instructions with pictures.

Lesson planning, Supplies, & Clay Technique pg. 3-6

Objectives and Goals pg. 7

I. Diaphragm construction pg. 8-9

II. Esophagus pg. 10-12

III. Stomach pg. 13-19

IV. Liver pg. 19-36

Gall bladder and cystic duct pg. 26 Biliary tree (Optional activity) pg. 31

V. Duodenum pg. 37-39

VI. Pancreas pg. 39-45

VII.Jejunum and Building of the Villi pg. 46-65

IX. Ileum pg. 65-66

X. Hepatic Portal Vein (Optional activity) pg. 67-73

XI.Large Intestines pg. 73-82

XII.Finish Hepatic Portal Vein pg. 83-84

Grading and Honoring Your Students’ Work pg. 85-88