Hands-On Body Systems: Cow Meat Cuts & Muscle Building Student Activity

Hands-On Body System ACTIVITY:  Cow Meat Cuts
Hands-On Body System ACTIVITY: Cow Meat Cuts
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Product Description

This module gives you a great activity for your Anatomy, Ag, Vet Tech, Health Science Seniors, Biology AP, and Culinary Students!

Your students will receive a lesson from you on how to build muscles of shank & brisket region of the cow. After this lesson, student(s) will receive a specific meat cut region of the animal. They will apply their knowledge of muscle building, meat judging, specific cuts of meat used from this area, and how best to cook/grill these meat cuts.

Students learn by application, research, using hands-on activities, audio-visual techniques, and even cooking to put on a dynamic presentation teaching their peers about their 'region of the cow'.

Get ready to enjoy your students creativity!