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Biology, Health Science Technology, or Anatomy Teachers who are beginning their journey in teaching or for veteran teachers who are looking for some new spice to their are LECTURE NOTES, TEACHING TRICKS, POCKET LESSONS, and PROJECTS that are fun, increase student interest and retention! No reason to sit for hours and create lecture notes when you can get started with a teaching set here!

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Affordable and successful activities for students to learn by doing. Students build body systems in a manner that helps them to understand complicated structure and function, see system interrelationships, and can apply medical skills to those systems.

These modules are so different from most! No other classroom curriculum in the nation uses this combination of 'hands-on' learning! Add new approaches to teaching body systems!


These are supplemental videos to go along with the Hands-On Body Systems Activities.

These videos were created to go along with the Hands-On Body Systems Activity that guides you through the details of the lesson step-by-step. I have added in some new building tricks since I've publishing the written modules.

These videos also show you have to blend the content from the Star's Notes Modules with the Hands-On Body System Activities. Each video will list what part of the HOBS module covered and the Star's Notes Module content used.

Hope you enjoy and mostly, hope this extra resource guides you to be even more successful with your students and these amazing activities/lessons!

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One of our feedback quote:

This is a response to a teaching inquiring about pictures of a reproduction activity that one of my teachers had done and posted on Facebook.

"I had explained cell division.using Starla Ewan material.... We talked about placenta. I just asked the kids to bring in a food replica of placenta.... Everyone was different. But they really showed that they got it... they understood the importance of rich healthy placenta for the nutritional needs of the growing baby.. It was interesting to listen to them explain it.. I did not set parameters.. I wanted to see what they thought... I loved this one... We used Starla Ewan video I purchased at GATFACS Her material is amazing. We covered what happens before most people even know they are pregnant. And how every thing that a "Mommy" takes in has an impact on the development... We talked about the importance of folate...what spina bifada is.... y kids modeled the neural plate.... we looked a the heart and the brain development and how every major system is formed by 28 days from conception. I highly recommend Starla Ewan material. I am going to purchase her unit on digestion”.

Jackie B.E. Family and Consumer Science, Georgia

Love it when you take what we do in a wokrshop and rock your students world! So fun to watch students love learning!

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